It’s a life event that no one wants to experience, a diagnosis of Cancer. You pray that you never have to have a doctor tell you that you have cancer. But for many, this dreaded conversation, unfortunately, is a reality. You have every right to be angry. You have every right to be confused and scared. You’re probably worried about the amount of pain you will be in. You dread the thought of having your loved ones live life without you by their side.

But know you are not alone. Take comfort in the fact that others are fighting the same fight you are fighting. Making that realization is the first step in having the strength to face this terrible illness with a fierce and positive attitude. 

If you are feeling discouraged and you need a reminder that plenty of people support and care about your health struggles, here are a few ways that the Joliet Oncology-Hematology Associates, Ltd. (JOHA) can help you get through this difficult time:

Attend a Yoga Class
AMITA Health Cancer Institute (AHCI)/JOHA offers patients and caregivers free gentle chair yoga every Friday at noon located at 2614 W. Jefferson in Joliet. Yoga can help those suffering from cancer reduce stress and anxiety, regain strength and flexibility, and can minimize the side-effects that often come with aggressive cancer treatments.

Visit a Therapist
Free sessions are available for patients to meet with a licensed therapist at the AHCI/JOHA facility in Joliet. Speaking with a therapist is a wonderful way to express your emotions and have someone guide you through the challenging journey ahead.

Talk to your Bosom Buddies
Who better to talk to about your breast cancer diagnosis than those who have also gone through the same ordeal? This support group is free to breast cancer patients and meets at the AHCI, 2614 W. Jefferson in Joliet once a month.

Shop at the Reflections Boutique
Yes, it’s entirely possible to look and feel great while battling cancer! JOHA Reflections Boutique is a full-service wig, breast prosthesis, jewelry, and accessory store, located in the AHCI Joliet office. Get outfitted with the latest and most stylish wigs, hats, and scarves with us!

The JOHA Foundation is a charity arm of Joliet Oncology-Hematology Associates, Ltd. (JOHA). The goal of the JOHA Foundation is to help bridge the gap between treatment and recovery, assist cancer patients with their greatest needs and to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Applications for assistance can be found on the JOHA website. If you or someone you know is going through the emotional and physical roller coaster that is cancer, please know that you are in our constant thoughts, and you have nothing but our unconditional love and support.