Frequently Asked
Questions and Answers

Q. What are the office hours of JOHA?
Please Click Here for office locations and contact numbers.

Q. What is my co-pay at every visit?
Most insurance companies require us to collect a co-pay at each visit. If you are unsure as to what the co-pay is, there is a contact number on the back of the card for member services. You are required to pay your co-pay at the time of service or your appointment will be rescheduled. For additional information please contact our Billing Department at 815-730-3096.

Q. How do I refill a prescription?
A. In order to refill a prescription at JOHA Pharmacy at 2614 W. Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60435, please dial (815) 730-3030.
If available, please have the type of prescription to be filled, quantity, the pharmacy of choice to use and which doctor you see in our office.

Q. I have a question for my physician and/or I am not feeling well.
How is this handled?

A. Our patients are our number one priority. Please dial (815) 725-1355. One of our friendly front desk receptionists will take a message for you and a nurse and/or physician will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need to contact your doctor from another department please refer to phone numbers listed in Locations Section.

Q. How do I obtain my medical records?
Before JOHA releases any information, the patient must fill out a medical release form. The form can be mailed or faxed to you. It can also be picked up at the office. Please dial (815) 725-1355. After we receive the form, the Medical Records department will make the appropriate copies for you. Our receptionist will call you when the documents are ready to be picked up. If you would like the documents mailed, then indicate where the documents are to go on the medical release form. There may be a charge for copying your medical records. You will be informed of the amount in advance. A fee will be required for other companies requesting records (i.e. insurance companies). Following the HIPAA and State of Illinois guidelines, any questions regarding the fees may be directed to medical records supervisor.

Q. My primary care physician has referred me to your office. How do I schedule an appointment?
JOHA has Patient Intake staff to help you schedule your initial visit. They will inform you as to where to check in and what to bring with you. Please Click Here for office locations and contact numbers.

  • Ali R. Lakhani Ali R. Lakhani, M.D.
  • Arvind Kumar Arvind Kumar, M.D.
  • Ellen J. Gustafson Ellen J. Gustafson, M.D.
  • Jason J. Suh Jason J. Suh, M.D.
  • Kulumani M.Sivarajan Kulumani M.Sivarajan, M.D.
  • Nafisa Burhani Nafisa Burhani, M.D.
  • Ommar Hla Ommar Hla, M.D.
  • Patrick McGinnis Patrick McGinnis, M.D.
  • Sanjiv S. Modi Sanjiv S. Modi, M.D.
  • Silviya Velinova Sylvia Velinova Falls, M.D.
  • Virag Dandekar Virag Dandekar, M.D.
  • Worood Abboud Worood Abboud, M.D.