PJ Sidhu has been the Administrator of Joliet Oncology-Hematology Associates, Ltd. since May 2001. His responsibilities include management and oversight of daily operations, strategic planning, and business development. Mr. Sidhu’s main focus is to constantly improve the quality of care for the patients by introducing new programs and services and starting outreach programs including clinical trials. Mr. Sidhu values feedback and encourages patients and family members to share their thoughts and concerns.

Mr. Sidhu holds an MBA degree from Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL, USA, in addition to Master of Commerce and Bachelor of Law degrees from India. He also is a Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) from MGMA.

Mr. Sidhu has 20 years experience in the health care field. Prior to coming to the United States of America, Mr. Sidhu worked as a Branch Manager in a large commercial bank in India for 11 years.

Mr. Sidhu is ably supported by one Assistant Administrator, Sujay M. Karvekar, MBA from VTU, India.
PJ Sidhu