1. Prescription Service:
We fill oral and injectable drugs for only patients seen by our staff physicians. These drugs are billed on-line to the insurance.

2. Indigent Drug Program:
Patients who do not have insurance are enrolled in Indigent Drug Program supported by some manufacturers. We enroll patients in discount card programs for their oral drugs. For Patient who cannot be enrolled in Indigent program
due to unavailability of an Indigent Program, we dispense drugs at a
discounted price.

3. Compounding of Injectable Drugs:
Based on physician’s orders, we mix all Chemo and Non-Chemo drugs in a Biological Cabinet under aseptic technique. These hoods are certified by an authorized expert every 6 months. All Pharmacy technicians are registered
with Department of Professional Regulations and are monitored for their techniques. Prior to mixing all compounds, they are checked by Registered Pharmacist, for their compatibility, stability , drug-disease contraindication,
under or over dose based on height, weight and kidney function and life time maximum dose etc. All dispensed drugs are checked by a Pharmacist for their accuracy and labeled properly.

4. Drug Information:
The Pharmacist on duty provides the latest drug information to patients and physicians. We provide patients with a printed drug information leaflet with
each prescription.

5. Billing Summary:
All drugs are entered in a state of the art computer program that captures all billing and checks for all clinical function applicable for each drug. At the end
of the day, a billing summary is generated and turned in to our billing department for billing to the patient’s insurance. A Patient can get a printed
copy of their yearly spending on drugs for tax purpose or to send a copy to insurance for reimbursement.

6. Drug Samples:
We make available drug samples to patients who can not afford to buy drugs. These drugs are provided by the manufacturers and are monitored for their expiration date and lot numbers.

The following links will help you in finding the information related to Co-pay
relief programs and drug companies that can provide free drugs and a list of
all the oncology drug manufacturers.

Federal Government Program

Chemo Drug Information - Click on the Member patient education handouts

Drug Information

Co-Pay Relief Program
JOHA Foundation

Free Drug Program - Click on the brand name list

Part D Application

Oncology Drug Manufacturers - Click on drug assistance

Please contact the pharmaceutical company to know more about latest
product information.

If you have any questions please contact our
Pharmacy department at 815-730-3030.
Working Hours:Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM


  • Ali R. Lakhani Ali R. Lakhani, M.D.
  • Arvind Kumar Arvind Kumar, M.D.
  • Ellen J. Gustafson Ellen J. Gustafson, M.D.
  • Jason J. Suh Jason J. Suh, M.D.
  • Kulumani M.Sivarajan Kulumani M.Sivarajan, M.D.
  • Nafisa Burhani Nafisa Burhani, M.D.
  • Ommar Hla Ommar Hla, M.D.
  • Patrick McGinnis Patrick McGinnis, M.D.
  • Sanjiv S. Modi Sanjiv S. Modi, M.D.
  • Silviya Velinova Sylvia Velinova Falls, M.D.
  • Virag Dandekar Virag Dandekar, M.D.
  • Worood Abboud Worood Abboud, M.D.